Small Weddings In High Style With House of San Patrick

Small Weddings In High Style With House of San Patrick

Scaling Down To The New Normal 

All over the world, brides-to-be are faced with having to change their wedding plans.

Whether because of travel restrictions, health and safety requirements, or other factors, we are all adjusting to these unprecedented times.  

Lets remember though that scaling down to a small wedding can also mean scaling up in other areas.

With fewer guests, you could get creative handcrafting beautiful invitations, party favors, (aromatherapy hand sanitizer anyone?), and researching the exact catering or restaurant that will make your day magical.

Of course civil weddings may entail a rethink of your dress. Here are some suggestions for small wedding dresses that are big on style. 

Chic City Hall Weddings 

Civil and City Hall weddings have a character of their own.  Sophisticated, urban, and less rigid than a formal wedding, they fit in perfectly with our modern lifestyles. Guests will appreciate being able to combine some sightseeing, and having the celebratory restaurant or venue at close hand – perhaps even within walking distance! Often times wedding vows have to be formalized at official registries anyway, so a city hall wedding would be saving you time, and most likely money.

We suggest looking at a City Hall wedding like a ‘big day out’ – perhaps the biggest of all! Ease of and comfort movement (don’t be shy to change from heels to flats if you feel the need) are as important as elegance – which makes St. Patrick’s cocktail dresses perfect for the occasion! Choose from draped and tailored tea-length mikado, which can be paired with a jacket, coat or cape. Or go for a simple day-night time floor-length in soft, svelte crepe.  

Small Weddings Outdoors

Depending on where you live, restrictions on the number of guests you can invite are more lenient for outdoor events, where social distancing is easier. So embrace nature and tweak your dress to suit a beautiful garden, a stunning beach, or even a mountaintop.

If you have already bought your dress, perhaps it’s just a matter of adding an extra layer between you and the elements in the form of a fuller veil or overskirt? If not, see our range of irresistible long sleeve wedding dresses such as Phenakite, an evasée style dress with a layered chiffon skirt and exquisite, svelte-sleeved lace bodice. 

Intimate Private Weddings

A private wedding ceremony with a few close friends and family is an opportunity to create something totally personal and showcase your personality. Always dreamed of owning a country estate? Hire one for the weekend and be to the manor born. Or feel like a Hollywood princess in a stunning villa with coastal views. Whatever you hidden fantasy, St.Patrick can dress your dreams.

For scene-stealing glamor, see our mermaid silhouettes such as Blake, a stunning dress that drapes the body in sensual satin with batwing sleeves and diamanté adornments. For a more modern fairytale look, Dakota is the ultimate princess wedding dress in chiffon embroidered with Chantilly lace and the most perfect sweetheart neckline.

In truth, micro weddings provide the perfect opportunity to think out of the box, perhaps even investing in a dress that you will wear on future occasions, or swapping a traditional veil for a precious headpiece. Be inspired by our range of bridal accessories for ideas on how to adapt your total wedding look to your dream day.

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